Chapter-a-Day Lamentations 1

God has right on his side. I’m the one who did wrong. Lamentations 1:18a (TM)

It’s always amazing to me how quickly I question, and often blame, God for the consequences of my own stupid choices. "Why would God do this?" I find myself asking, when the reality is that it was my own foolishness that led to my circumstances. I live in a fallen world in which sin, evil and their consequences affect me each day. Both my own sin, as well as the sins of others.

It’s only when I accept responsibility for my wayward desires, my thoughtless words, my selfish choices and my foolish actions that the process of repentance, forgiveness, healing and maturity can begin in me. It’s only when I accept the reality of others shortcomings that the process of understanding, forgiveness, grace and maturity can continue.

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