Chapter-a-Day Genesis 34

Shechem then spoke
for himself, addressing Dinah’s father and brothers: "Please, say yes.
I’ll pay anything. Set the bridal price as high as you will—the sky’s
the limit! Only give me this girl for my wife."

Jacob’s sons answered Shechem and his father with cunning. Their
sister, after all, had been raped. They said, "This is impossible. We
could never give our sister to a man who was uncircumcised. Why, we’d
be disgraced. The only condition on which we can talk business is if
all your men become circumcised like us. Then we will freely exchange
daughters in marriage and make ourselves at home among you and become
one big, happy family. But if this is not an acceptable condition, we
will take our sister and leave."

That seemed fair enough to Hamor and his son Shechem. Genesis 33:11-18 (TM)

Lust and infatuation will make you do silly, stupid things. [ouch] No wonder they call it love "sick".

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