“What a Depressing Weekend”

We survived the weekend storm, though not without a few disappointments. The weather put a damper on the play that we’ve worked so hard to produce. We had good crowds Thursday (95) and Friday (115) but Saturday night we only had 30 people come out in the snow and ice. Sunday we had one of our actors unable to get out of her driveway and were forced to cancel the final performance. We considered rescheduling for next weekend, but there were too many conflicts. As one of the actors wrote me in an e-mail – "what a depressing weekend". It was. These people worked so hard and the show received such acclaim from the audiences that witnessed it. I wish we could have gotten it in front of more people.

Then the snow and ice split one of the trees in our backyard, sending it crashing into our roof and our neighbor’s garage roof. A large limb from our big oak in the front yard fell on another neighbor’s house, clipping the roof and doing damage to their gutters.

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