Chapter-a-Day Genesis 6

Noah walked with God. Genesis 6:9b (TM)

When I take a walk with someone it’s a conscious act. It requires planning and preparation to figure out when, where and how long we’re going to walk. It also requires some communication and accountability to make sure I remember and show up.

I find that walking with God is similar. It’s doesn’t just happen on its own. If I’m going to walk with Him, then I need to make a conscious decision to do so – plan when I’m going to do it – put it on the schedule – figure out what course we’re going to take – then talk to Him about it.

You know those people that you always talk about getting together with, but then never do? There are people to whom I always find myself saying, "Hey, we should get together sometime – you know, go for a walk or something." You say it as a courtesy and maybe you’re sincere about it at that moment, but it never happens.

I don’t want God to be one of those people.

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