Chapter-a-Day Genesis 1

God spoke: "Let us make human beings in our image, make them
      reflecting our nature
   So they can be responsible
Genesis 1:26 (TM)

I have two teenaged daughters. They are great kids – beautiful, intelligent, and talented. Responsibility, however, is not their strong suit. Mind you – I’ve done the reading and I know that an adolescent’s brain is such a bubbling cauldron of chemicals and hormones that it’s a wonder they can even tie their shoes (or if they can tie their shoes they will forget to wear them with socks in the snow and sub-zero temperatures). Nevertheless, it’s maddening to repeat instructions over and over only to have them ignored and constantly deal with the daily messes (schedule messes, relational messes, kitchen messes, etc.) created by teen-aged irresponsibility. Perhaps it’s because I’m in this stage of life that today’s verse struck me…

"Let us make humans…so they can be responsible…"

I feel like our culture has lost much of its sense of responsibility.

Responsibility to God.
Responsibility to creation.
Responsibility to community.
Responsibility to neighbors.
Responsibility to the Body of Christ.
Responsibility to family.
Responsibility to future generations.
Responsibility to self.

Responsibility implies an accounting – the act of being held responsible. Isn’t it interesting that the Bible begins with man being created to be responsible – and ends with him being held accountable on Judgment Day?

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