Chapter-a-Day Romans 12

Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking. Instead, fix your attention on God. Romans 12:2a (TM)

It’s funny sometimes how the Holy Spirit orchestrates moments of synchronicity around my daily chapter. Yesterday, after church, Wendy and I were talking to Charlie Koopman – the new worship leader at our church. He was talking about some of his visions for worship and one of them was to "influence our culture". Then I read this morning’s chapter, and I’m asking myself…

…am I influencing my culture more than I’m being influenced by it?

2 thoughts on “Chapter-a-Day Romans 12”

  1. Tom:
    I’m just getting back into Holy Ambition, by Chip Ingram, and he’s discussion a dislocated heart. He described me so well…just rolling along in my environment with little or no reaction to the hurt that’s going on in far away places. I imagine it doesn’t even have to be that far away.
    Chip uses Romans 9:1-4 to describe Paul’s disolated heart. It convicted me in a big way.

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