Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

It was a 5F Thanksgiving weekend: fun-family-food-friends-football! Here are the highlights:

  • Wednesday night Wendy and I went out to celebrate her last day at Goalsetters. We made the mistake of going to DeKelder Restaurant in the Strawtown Inn (It was horrible!) – but made up for it by having a nightcap at our favorite – Monarch’s. We ate a lot.
  • Thursday Wendy and I worked video for the Thanksgiving Service at Third, then headed to DSM with the girls for an afternoon at the Vander Wells. We celebrated Madison’s birthday at the same time, and we were pleasantly surprised to have Tim drive up from Kansas with his friend, Koomi (sp?). Taylor took Madison to Disney on Ice for her birthday while Wendy and I drove back. Gosh we ate alot!
  • Friday we found out Madison has BOTH Strep Throat and Mono. Please pray for her. She’s really suffering!!
  • Friday I put in the ground anchor for our new Goalsetter (had to dig a four foot deep hole and fill with concrete) and we raked leaves and mowed all day. Man, am I sore.
  • Friday night we went to the  Roozeboom family Thanksgiving to celebrate with Wendy’s family. Grandma Vander Hart was really sweet – she asked me to do the devotional and prayer before dinner. Oh my goodness we ate a lot.
  • Rolled (literally) out of bed with a groan on Saturday and had breakfast with my friend, Jon Nelson, who was in town visiting in-laws. It was nice to catch up. And of course, I ate a lot.
  • We spent the day working on the set for the Christmas Post.
  • Sunday morning I went to church to confess my gluttony and then watched the Vikings game (oh my goodness – they barely beat the Cardinals – they’re really not very good this year!).

Keep praying for Madison to be healed and for Wendy to be led to the right job! Also, say a prayer for the Christmas Post. We have three straight nights of dress rehearsal followed by opening night on Thursday!!

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