Chapter-a-Day 2 Samuel 22

God made my life complete when I placed all the pieces before him. When I cleaned up my act, he gave me a fresh start. 2 Samuel 22:21 (TM)

As David reflects back on his life, and expresses an apt metaphor that speaks to each one of our lives. Life is a puzzle with many pieces: family, friends, education, work, church, activities, interests, struggles, sin, success, suffering and failure. Anyone who has worked a challenging jigsaw puzzle has known the frustration of trying to fit the pieces together, trying to make sense of the strange little pieces that don’t seem to fit together.

There is nothing more frustrating than putting the puzzle together only to find that there’s a piece, or pieces, missing. It’s only when we present the pieces to God that the puzzle begins to come together and the picture begins to have clarity. Only God can complete this puzzle we call life.

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