Chapter-a-Day 2 Samuel 9

David then called in Ziba, Saul’s right-hand man, and told him,
"Everything that belonged to Saul and his family, I’ve handed over to
your master’s grandson. You and your sons and your servants will work
his land and bring in the produce, provisions for your master’s
grandson. Mephibosheth himself, your master’s grandson, from now on
will take all his meals at my table."
2 Samuel 9:9-10a (TM)

After the death of Saul and his sons, it seems that the family consigliere Ziba ended up with the spoils (and a place in David’s administration), while Mephibosheth, the lame, handicapped remnant of Saul’s house was left begging in the streets. David calls both of them and makes good on his oath to Jonathon. He cuts down the proud Ziba and raises the humble Mephibosheth, foreshadowing the coming Christ who would teach, "the last shall be first and the first shall be last."

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