Chapter-a-Day I Samuel 17

Eliab, his older brother, heard David fraternizing with the men and
lost his temper: "What are you doing here! Why aren’t you minding your
own business, tending that scrawny flock of sheep? I know what you’re
up to. You’ve come down here to see the sights, hoping for a ringside
seat at a bloody battle!"
I Samuel 17:28 (TM)

There are always naysayers, critics and censors. Whether it’s a big brother, a parent, a coach, a teacher – those voices get ingrained in our heads.

  • "You can’t do it"
  • "You’re too ________" (fill in the blank)
  • "You’re not ________ enough" (fill in the blank)

David had it too. We all do. The question is what we do with the voices. David decided not to listen. He didn’t buy his brother’s line. He chose to believe what God said about him. With that faith, David killed the giant.

Who do you believe?

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