Chapter-a-Day Hosea 11-12

Altar_of_baal_megiddoCan you believe it? They sacrifice live babies to these dead gods–kill living babies and kiss golden calves! And now there’s nothing left to these people…Hosea 12:2b-3a (TM)

When you go to Israel and visit the places the Bible talks about, the text takes on new depth. This is a picture of me standing on an altar to Baal which was unearthed in the excavation of Megiddo. Behind me is the Valley of Megiddo (Armadeddon). On altars like this, the worshippers of the Baal cult had public orgies, cut themselves to prove their commitment to their god, and then slaughtered innocent infants as sacrifices. The people of Israel were getting sucked into this cult, and God wasn’t pleased. Obviously, the entire area had been desolated and covered in the sand of time. I would have to say that Hosea’s prophecy came to fruition. 

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